Ceriotti New Germix UV-C

Why Should You Buy an Original Product?

Since the UV-C Sterilizer is a product that will be used for a long time, attention should be paid to low quality and unsafe products.

A correct UV-C Sterilizer is important for your health and business.

In recent years, cheap and low-quality products have increased on the market.

The most important element that determines the final price of the UV-C sterilizer is the “lamp” itself. Many products on the market are produced with fake lamps that cannot produce the correct wavelength and a lack of safety measures that can make the device dangerous.

Ceriotti Germix has proven itself with its quality since the earliest times and has been the best-selling product model in its category.

In hairdressers and barber salons; Metal utensils, combs, brushes, rollers must be disinfected after each use.

If you do not sterilize them with the right device, germs and bacteria will start to grow on them.

Ceriotti Germix UV-C sterilization; Using short wavelength ultraviolet light, it kills microorganisms on your hairdresser and barber tools and disinfects tools that cannot be exposed to high temperatures.

Technical Schemes

It's Everywhere With Its Rich Options

We offer a comfortable working environment in your living rooms with our stylish and simple design.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We are aware that nature is our home for human beings and all other living things. We respect the nature of our future as much as we respect the nature of today. We produce and develop our products with the wish and philosophy of future generations to see green days.

Saving Battery

We carefully use natural resources that are adversely affected by changing environmental factors. By keeping water usage to a minimum with energy-saving batteries, we take as much as we need and respect the environment and all other living things.

Sustainable Designs

While ensuring the continuity of production and diversity, in order to make the natural life permanent; we produce environmentally friendly and recyclable designs.

Ecological Decorations

We aim for the materials we use in decorations and complementary products to be transformed into various forms between water, air and soil, and to circulate in nature with an effect that does not harm the environment.

Biodegradable Materials

We choose environmentally friendly materials in our material usage so that products can be recycled by natural organisms (bacteria, algae, fungi) into non-hazardous products (water, CO2) in the natural process.

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